Album Cover Bryan Adams Ultimate

Bryan Adams is back: my top 5 favorite songs

Bryan Adams is back with a brand new album and tour. He just has this perfectly recognisable voice and I immediately scrolled through my playlist to listen to his old repertoire again. Discover my Top 5!


The shocking effects of not having WiFi

The fact that I had these weird thoughts like: I can’t search for anything, I want to know the name of this song, but my app doesn’t work. I can’t receive or send any pictures. I can’t do this, I can’t do that. AAAAAH. It shocked me! How bizarre that we/I became so dependent of an electronic device.


WeWork Creator Awards – I am my only limit

We are capable of so much more than we can imagine. Don’t be afraid to BE, nobody is judging you when you enter a room by yourself. HA, we are all way too self involved and probably everybody thinks the same thing.


That’s what friends are for..

To talk to, to laugh with, to have a drink with, to listen to music with, to go shopping, to dance, but even more important: who really know me, people that I feel comfortable enough with to cry when something happens.


The rest is still unwritten..

Where I am right now, is the point from where things go up again. I have learned so much about myself ย in these past couple of months – I am not the same person that I was a while ago. Not every aspect of my life is great at the moment, but I’m content. I can even say that I am happy. Yes!