On a personal note – Everything Everything (2017)

This song is so weird. It’s mysterious, chaotic, all over the place, sort of soothing at the same time and since I discovered it in the period of time that I visited Leipzig so much – I either heard it on the train, had it on repeat everywhere I went – its rap, it’s different, the song doesn’t make any sense and the video is weird. I love it. And yes, I also know the lyrics by heart. Did I already mention I love it? Yes, I do.

Arcade Fire – Everything now (2017)

But then two or three weeks ago, I tuned into Release Radar (like I do every Friday) and heard a song that I couldn’t exactly place. The melody immediately caught my attention: I heard the 80s and first I thought it was Alphaville, then I started to get confused, because it wasn’t. I heard AHA (Taaaaake on meee!) and a bit of ABBA and it turned out to be Arcade Fire! Arcade Fire, that super hip-modern-indie band? Apparently so.

IN SHORT: Wrabel

Yesterday I was playing around on Spotify and randomly tuned into Random Hits: Filtr Germany. Wrabel – We could be beautiful I thought I recognized the artistname from another song. A song written by Wrabel. Wrabel, what else did he do? What else did he sing? Aaaah, 11 blocks! I played 11 blocks again and just let his whole album play: what a pleasant discovery at the end of the week – his album is totally good. To think, this singer/songwriter from New York City is only 28 and already got his first single released in 2014 with Dutch DJ Afrojack! […]

Coyote Ugly (2000): can’t fight this soundtrack

We all have dreams and we, little girls in the age of 14, could relate to Violets situation so well. Come to think of it, maybe I was a little young to watch the movie. But well, the damage has been done (who else thinks of Cry me a river now?). Out of all the teen movies from that time, and there were a lot, Coyote Ugly is my favourite.